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Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 MSDN x64 + License Key

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What is Microsoft Exchange Server?

The Exchange Deployment Assistant is the source for Exchange installation technical advice. Tell us exactly what sort of setup you are considering, answer a few questions about your surroundings, then view Exchange installation instructions made only for you. Using the magician is subject to the Microsoft Conditions of Use and Privacy Statement.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server and calendaring server created by Microsoft. It runs only on Windows Server operating systems.

The very first version was known as Exchange Server 4.0, to place it as the successor to the associated Microsoft Mail 3.5. Exchange originally utilized the X.400 directory agency but changed to Active Directory later. Until version 5.0, it came bundled with an email client named Microsoft Exchange Client. This was stopped in favor of Microsoft Outlook.

Exchange Server chiefly employs a proprietary protocol named MAPI to speak to email clients but added support for POP3, IMAP, and EAS. The standard SMTP protocol can be used to convey with other online mail servers.

Exchange Server is accredited equally as on-premises applications and applications as a service (SaaS). From the on-premises type, clients buy client access licenses (CALs); as SaaS, Microsoft charges a monthly service charge.

Microsoft Exchange Server Good Attributes:

Exchange Server

Efficient functioning anywhere in the world as a result of corporate email on your servers.

Security as an integral component

Exchange relies on Windows Server Center and will be the most dependable and stable platform for messaging infrastructure.

Increased productivity

Exchange Server utilizes available CPU cores, memory, and storage better than previously, and manages internal system tools, helping users work more productively.


Exchange Server is the most dependable version of the family of merchandise, prepared to go and safeguards your information with the most recent encryption equipment and hashing algorithms.

Simplified administration

With Exchange Server, basic administrative tasks, like handling calendars and delegation, become easier.

Powerful distant operate

Communicate, organize work, and complete tasks on the move. Outlook Mobile is the most dependable way of accessing Exchange Online by a mobile device that satisfies all regulatory requirements.

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