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Download Apple macOS Big Sur v11.6.1 (20G224) Multilingual + VMWare Edition

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What is Apple macOS Big Sur?

macOS Big Sur elevates the most advanced desktop operating system on earth to another energy and attractiveness level. Experience Mac to the fullest using an elegant brand new layout. Enjoy the greatest Safari upgrade. Discover new attributes for Messages and Maps. And get more transparency around your solitude.

macOS Big Sur is the 17th and present key release of macOS, Apple Inc.'s operating system for Macintosh computers. The urge to macOS Catalina was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and released to the general public.

macOS Big Sur provides a significant user interface redesign. It's also the very first macOS variant to support Macs using ARM-based processors. To indicate the transition, the operating system's major version number was incremented from 10 to 11, for the first time since 2000. The operating system is called after the coastal area of Big Sur at the Central Coast of California.

Apple's macOS Big Sur is the most recent version of its desktop and notebook operating system and the first to support both conventional Intel Macs and the new"Apple Silicon" Macs. According to a three-month tryout at a public betas collection, Big Sur is fast, secure, exceptionally good-looking, and packaged with subtle and important improvements to the macOS interface. If you are running last year's Catalina variant and have not installed a great deal of third-party, non-Apple applications, it is possible to update Big Sur instantly, however, only after creating an entire Time Machine or alternative backup of your current system. Should you rely upon third-party applications, you might choose to wait a couple of weeks or months for the initial or second lag or stage release. But update you need to, since Big Sur is a significant advancement, even over the excellent Catalina.

The first thing you see when you begin your Mac running Big Sur is that the conventional Mac startup sound is back by default, even though it is possible to silence it in the System Preferences program. (With Catalina, specialist users can disable or enable it with a terminal control.) Once Big Sur looks on the display, you find the very radical overhaul to which Apple has contributed its flagship OS in years. However, as with nearly every other new edition, the newest features and conveniences in macOS Big Sur incorporate the interface that presence users will confront a minimum learning curve. Apple has mastered the craft of enhancing its OS layout without disrupting the simple design created by OS X.

Apple macOS Big Sur Great Features:


  • Upgraded menu bar: The menu bar is taller and much more translucent, letting your desktop image expand from edge to edge. Words lighten or darken, dependent on the color of your desktop image. And pull-down menus are somewhat bigger, with more distance between the lines to make it easier to see.
  • Floating Dock: The redesigned Dock is raised from your screen's base and is much more translucent, allowing your desktop background to glow through. And program icons are all-new and much easier to comprehend.
  • New icons for programs: Program icons are redesigned to sense both comfortable and freshness. Icons have a uniform form but keep the stylistic touches and details that provide Mac its own character.
  • Lighter window look: Windows possesses a milder, more spacious look, making them cleaner and easier to use. Added translucency and curved edges developed to rival Mac's radii make a cohesive look and feel during macOS.
  • Redesigned sheets: Sheets in programs are completely redesigned, eliminating borders and bezels to focus on your content. They automatically dim the scale and background to the middle of this program.
  • New and upgraded seems: The system seems all-new and much more pleasing to the ear. The new system alarms were made using snippets of their originals so that they seem familiar.
  • Full-height sidebars: A brand new style for program sidebars make it much easier to locate exactly what you would like and gives you more room to get things done. Easily monitor your Mail inbox, accessibility Finder folders, and arrange Photos, Notes, Stocks, and much more.
  • New symbols during macOS: New symbols in toolbars, sidebars, and controls bring consistency and clarity across programs, assisting you instantly recognize the way to click. When programs share common tasks -- such as seeing the inbox Mail or Calendar --they share the same emblem. Additionally, there are localized variations of symbols with numbers, letters, and dates to coincide with your system speech.

Control Center

  • Control Center: Developed just for Mac, the new Control Center divides your favorite menu bar items into one place to provide you immediate access to the controls you use. Just click on the Control Center icon in the menu bar and correct Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, along with other configurations -- without even opening System Preferences.
  • Customize Control Center: Insert controls to the programs and features you use most, such as Battery or Access.
  • Click for more choices: Click to expand the menu. By Way of Example, click Screen to see Black Mode, Night Shift, True Tone, and AirPlay.
  • Pinto menu bar: drag and pin down your favorite menu items towards the surface of your menu bar for simple one-click accessibility.

Notification Center

  • Upgraded Notification Center: A redesigned Notification Center puts all of your widgets and notifications into one committed column. Notifications are automatically sorted by most current and redesigned. Nowadays, widgets provide data at a glance.
  • Interactive notifications: Do more with your own notifications on Mac for Apple Podcasts, Mail, Calendar, and much more. Just click and hold the telling to do it or get more details. Response to an email, listen to the newest podcast and also enlarge a Calendar invitation to observe where the occasion falls on your day.
  • Grouped alarms: Notifications are grouped with a ribbon or program. Expand each category to view earlier notifications. You might even disable grouped notifications in the event you would rather view them separately.
  • Redesigned widgets: Experience fresh widgets and superbly redesigned widgets for Stocks, Calendar, Weather, Reminders, Notes, and Podcasts. Widgets also come in various sizes, which means that you can select the one which works best for you.
  • Customize widgets: Easily add new widgets into Notification Center by clicking Edit Widgets. Next, customize the dimensions to demonstrate that you need to view the total amount of data and drag it in your widget listing.
  • Discover more third party widgets: Discover fresh third party widgets for Notification Center on the App Store.
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